IP-PBX Phone System Providers in Kitchener, ON

PBXWhen it’s time to manage your PBX Phone System, BroadConnect is the answer to your premise based Phone System needs in Kitchener, Ontario.


All premise-based PBX Phone Systems that BroadConnect supports are easy to manage, feature rich and offer cost savings, uncompromising functionality and flexibility as well as features that noticeably improve productivity. You’re able to choose from a wide array of premise-based PBX Phone Systems from VoIP Industry’s leading VoIP providers.


Each and every PBX Phone System that BroadConnect offers is fully warranted and supported by our in-house team of experts. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about your phone system.


What is a PBX?


A PBX (public branch exchange) is a computer designed to route calls, directing inbound and outbound calls to and from individual extensions. Offices that have multiple extensions and users will need to have a good PBX system to run their phone system efficiently. If you currently own a legacy PBX system, you already know how cost prohibitive they can be. The hardware equipment alone for a legacy PBX can run on the upside of $10,000 depending on the size of your business. When you add in the cost of necessary repairs, the installation, manual operation, and storage, that figure could easily become $24,000 +.

In today’s business world, you have the ability to choose from a variety of IP PBX systems to replace and improve your current PBX phone system Kitchener. If you prefer a premise based PBX, it’s possible for you to select an IP PBX (VoIP PBX) system that supports VoIP calls. These type of systems may be more costly than Hosted systems, but they are far less expensive when compared to a legacy PBX system.


Hosted PBX Systems

Small business phone systems can also be delivered as a hosted service. This enables a company to be free from investing in hardware equipment. BroadConnect Telecom provides Hosted PBX options that will cater to your every business need. A Hosted PBX system is also referred to as Virtual PBX, is delivered by Cloud technology over a private Internet connection. This system is fully managed by us, your VoIP service provider at our data centre. Innovative features include Audio Conferencing and Call Centers.

Both of these solutions are extremely affordable and will work just as well as a legacy PBX for your organisation.

Contact a BroadConnect sales representative and they will help you find a custom solution today.