SIP Trunking Benefits & Features in Kitchener, ON

SIP Trunking Solutions are the latest advancement in business communication.

Each of BroadConnect’s SIP Trunks are designed on a foundation of industry knowledge, proven technology and longevity in communications. Our expert technical specialists are available 24/7 to assist in the design of your IP PBX system to meet the exact specifications for your company. BroadConnect is not your typical VoIP provider. We believe that every situation is unique and are committed to providing you with a solution that will allow you to gain maximum SIP Trunking benefits.

Our SIP Trunking Kitchener system runs on our converged T1 and backed by BroadConnect’s nationwide private IP Network for voice and data.

sip trunkingSIP Trunking solutions can be deployed according to the type and size of your company. When you partner with BroadConnect Telecom, you gain access to valuable benefits available through our nation-wide fiber network.

You can immediately understand the advantages of having higher voice communication clarity and call quality; without having to invest in new equipment. In Kitchener, BroadConnect’s SIP Trunking solution guarantees the greatest quality of service from our exclusive network, providing you with superior connection and unparalleled stability.

BroadConnect provides a truly versatile product option that grows with your business. More importantly, we will guide you every step of the way – from initial consultation, to system design, hardware selection and installation. BroadConnect is your single source managed SIP service provider in Kitchener.

SIP Trunking Benefits

Financial Savings

SIP Trunking can minimize on-going expenses in a number of ways. Line rental charges for SIP Trunks offer savings up to 40% of those charged for traditional telephone lines.

  • SIP Trunking makes the most of cost-free communications across multiple locations.
  • Minimize charges from SIP source/termination services for regional and long distance calls towards the PSTN.

Increased Flexibility

Increased flexibility will result in significantly reduced provisioning times. With VoIP SIP Trunk solutions, you are able to take advantage of BroadSoft Telephone software features.

Enhanced Teleworking

Remotely situated workers are linked directly to their main office via Voice-over Internet Protocol Technology.

Disaster Recovery

Your SIP service supports multiple re-route fail-over options that ensure connection in the event of major failures. SIP allows faster, more effective disaster recovery by having an IP phone system that is naturally more fault tolerant than fixed-line counterparts.


Growing your company communications is easy and simple with SIP Trunking. Introducing new voice channels and developing a local presence for the company in different geographic areas is quick and easy.

Simplified Management

Your VoIP Solution, via SIP Trunks, is managed via a web based portal. This provides customers with the freedom to make changes directly.